BBM for Android Leaked APK [Legit]


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    BBM for Android Leaked APK [Legit]

    Circling around the Web Now is one of the most awaited Android Version of the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) it was announced that it will be rolling out this upcoming 3rd week of September. But for the limited Beta Testers they have already share some of the upcoming features integrated to it like what use usually use in your typical Blackberry Messenger, see the video below to see some of it’s feature.

    But some people just can’t wait like me 😀 for the actual day of launching, So some users from the crackberry forum posted a leaked version of the BBM app and it is a legit one, take note that there are some apps also that are posted in the Google Play Store which is just a virus so be warned.

    Here is the link for the forum, but of course I don’t want you to spend hours reading all the discussion so here is the actual link that they posted 😀 DOWNLOAD LINK

    But sad to say Blackberry itself is still blocking the access for consumers 🙁 just like what happened on the Facebook Home before. So here is just some of the Screenshots of the BBM app installed on the Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD 😀

    are you going to use the BBM app ? what are the things you like about the BBM ? feel free to share on the comment section 🙂

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