Asus next smartphone might have Optical Zoom


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    Asus next smartphone might have Optical Zoom

    Asus teased another video that shows a 13 seconds clip with a hidden message saying “See what other can’t see” and having a morse code message if you will convert it , the message says “Optical Zoom” this might be another hint in the Upcoming CES 2015 where Asus will unveil their next Zenfone product. Well its just 2 days left for the announcement are you excited to see what Asus is about to show us.

    another hint but it might be just me, if you watch the video and click the video speed and reduce it to 0.25 then if you watch around 4sec. mark it shows another white text with the same text “See What Others Can’t See” it might reflect as a 3D vision or something but then it’s just us demystifying what other clue’s Asus wants to show us.

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