Arc Mobile Memo Custom Rom Samsung Note II Feel


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    Arc Mobile Memo Custom Rom Samsung Note II Feel

    I recently Ported the HaiPai N7889 a Samsung Note II Clone 😛 to the Arc Mobile Memo, Basically the Arc Mobile Memo really feels like the Note II with it’s look and build.

    I recently Unbox also the Arc Mobile Memo feel free to see the actual look

    Before Flashing the Custom Rom You need to have a custom recovery in order for it to work Properly on the Arc Mobile Memo , so here is the Tutorial on How to Flash the Samsung Note II Custom Rom on your Arc Mobile Memo Kindly visit this link

    and take note you need to be rooted in order for you to flash this unless you know how to use the SP Flash Tool which is for some users it’s quite complicated 😀

    Take a Look at the Actual Interface of the Rom.

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