All new Pinoyscreencast now on .net domain


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    All new Pinoyscreencast now on .net domain

    After months of waiting we are finally back on the web with lots of new surprises, first we would like to say thanks to our and youtube subscribers/viewers without your support and feedback our desire in making our channel as a weekly x regular show (hope we can XD) will not come to reality, We thought that it will be better if we will share what we have learned to the community and make it much more fun while learning.

    Basically to give you all an idea on what are we going to launch this upcoming weeks, if your familiar with some online video tutorial sites like,,, and other more sites that teaches how to design,develop and produce high quality products/creative works and can make you land your preferred job or career in the future. is what we are aiming but, the catch is we will produce videos that are in TAGALOG VERSION.

    Why Tagalog? A lot may say we are like copycats, of the different sites that I have mention, basically YES! but NOT! 🙂 base on our experience some of the things that we have learned in the industry, we learned it online by just watching youtube and other video sharing sites but! we didn’t learned it on watching a single video but by watching a ton of videos before we have accomplish or learned that techniques. So our goal it so to put all the necessary needed details that you don’t have to search google or other search engines just to find the answers that you need and the best part TAGALOG VERSION na ibig sabihin lahat ng mga pinoy maiintindihan :).

    So pinoyscreencast will help you learn that skills that you are aiming while you are studying or while you are on your current career, with our video tutorials that are fun and exciting full length video series that will surely be your daily habit and your online instructor.

    Remember stay hungry and foolish -Steve Jobs

    Never let your self be stagnant on learning new things and innovating your self because we believe that knowledge is power! cheers to have more of our daily updates visit our fanpage at or follow us on twitter @pinoyscreencast and subscribe on our youtube channel,help us spread more new learnings and build a better foundation for your passionate future filipino Designers,Developers,Producers,Director and anything that you want to be 🙂

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