Affordable Quadcopter UFO Pathfinder 1.0 for only Php3,500


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    Affordable Quadcopter UFO Pathfinder 1.0 for only Php3,500

    Drones and Quadcopters are still quite expensive and if you’re just a hobbyist investing on it is really not advisable unless you will use it for your job. I was really excited to find out that there are also affordable versions of this drones and quadcopters one them is the UFO Pathfinder 1.0 by Toyabi a low-cost Quadcopter for starters who want to experience flying this gadget.

    The Pathfinder 1.0 is a 6-axis gyro remote control toy with a functional receiver similar with any other Quadcopters you can use it to move upwards , downwards, forward and backward, you can also turn left and right and even spin it with 360 degree. It has a Radio Control that has frequency of 2.4Ghz that can fly up to 500 meters depending on its weight.

    you can also use it up to 7mins of flight on a full charge battery but charging it may take a while for around 2–3hours.

    But the only downside of this Quadcopter is it’s Styro body which make it very light that’s why you can maneuver it anywhere you want it.

    It also has LED light so you can see it during night flight.

    The Pathfinder 1.0 cost just Php3,500 really affordable for those people who wants to start flying a drone without burning their wallets, so far there are limited sellers in the Philippines and we found one at OLX which you can buy one if you’re interested.

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    We also heard that it has a built-in camera but depends on what version plus you can also mount an Action camera like GoPro and SJ4000 but still you will need a customize gimbal to attach the camera.

    TOYABI new EPO Pathfinder 2.4G 4CH RC quadcopter with 360 eversion to similar DJI phantom toys for sales Specification:

    • Product size: 56×45×17cm
    • Battery for fuselage: 7.4V 650mAh Li-ion(Included)
    • Battery for transmitter: 4*AA(Not included)
    • Charger: 8.4V 850mAh (Included)
    • Charging time: In 150 minutes
    • Play time: 6–8 minutes
    • Control distance: About 150–200 meters
    • Frequency: 2.4G

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