Cherry Mobile G2 Smart Dialer Wearable Unboxing and Initial Impression


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    Cherry Mobile G2 Smart Dialer Wearable Unboxing and Initial Impression

    Cherry Mobile G2 wearable just hit the market last week but was announced a months ago. Looking back at the G1 there is a huge improvement in terms of build and design. The G2 is now slimmer comparing to the G1, but still a bit bulgy. Included in the box is just the 600mA Travel Charger , User manual and the G2 maybe you’re wondering why they didn’t include any USB cable.

    [section label=”USB Feature” anchor=”USB Features”]

    The Cherry Mobile G2 has a built in USB plug for Charging and Data transfer, when you plug it in a Computer it will prompt if you want to use it as a Media Browser or a Driver port.

    [section label=”Strap Material” anchor=”Strap”]

    It’s unique but also fragile, once the cable and strap is damaged you can’t charge it anymore so be sure to protect the USB from any damages.

    One thing I like about the build and design is the metallic lock usually when you buy a wearable, the strap and lock are just plastic material. G2 is a rubber material all throughout the only plastic is the top part of the screen.

    [section label=”Build and Design” anchor=”Build”]

    the 1.4-inch TFT Display Capacitive touch screen is a pure glass material similar with any smartphones but we are not sure if this is a scratch resistant glass. Splash proof is indicated in the box so getting it wet like in the rain is ok but not recommendable soaking on a swimming pool since it still has holes like the speaker grill and the pin hole mic.

    [section label=”Camera” anchor=”Camera”]

    Left side has all the buttons to navigate the watch, it has three buttons the power/home , menu/down and the navigation/ volume it’s a bit tricky at first using the buttons, it’s not the typical up and down navigation since the LCD is a touchscreen.

    It also has a VGA camera that you can use for Capturing and recording videos.

    at the bottom it has a speaker that is very loud and this is used for the audio player and you will also hear when someone call you on your phone and directly speaking using the watch is usable.

    [section label=”Dial Pad” anchor=”Dial”]

    it has a built-in dial pad so you can call someone remotely to access this, while on the clock screen just swipe up and it will access the dial pad.

    [section label=”Features” anchor=”Features”]

    G2 has some nifty features and here are some of them,

    • Stopwatch
    • Alarm Clock
    • Pedometer (Step Counter)
    • Camera
    • Video Player
    • Video Capture
    • Phonebook Dialer
    • Audio Controller
    • Call History Log
    • File manager
    • Calendar
    • Calculator
    • Sound Recorder
    • SMS Reader (APK app required to work)

    [section label=”Bluetooth Notifier” anchor=”BT”]

    One of the highlight feature of the G2 is the Remote Notifications this lets you get notifications from your phone going to the G2 using a 3rd-party app you can control which app will send notifications that is all configurable using the app called MediaTek Smartwatch.

    [pb-app-box pname=’com.mtk.btnotification’ name=’Mediatek SmartDevice’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

    Simply install it and pair it on your device and the Bluetooth notifier will now work. although there are other apps that can be used that has better UI like the Smartwatch that is for U8 smartwatch a china version smartwatch.

    [section label=”Capacity” anchor=”Capacity”]

    Internal storage has 3.6GB that you can use for storing Music and videos files.

    [section label=”Wrap Up” anchor=”wrap”]

    and the clock skin can be configured to an analog or digital look.

    Overall so far I like the way it look comparing to the G1 version the functionalities is pretty much ok very convenient if you don’t want to open your smartphone from time to time, the Cherry Mobile G2 suggested retail price is Php1,899 available in different colors, you can watch my unboxing video for more details.

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