Adobe Photoshop CS6: Allow Tool Recording


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    Adobe Photoshop CS6: Allow Tool Recording

    here is another new feature of the adobe photoshop cs6 where you can now record your regular tools on an action,

    you can use this feature by going to the action panel and click the option menu on the upper right corner of the panel

    once you start recording your actions you will also have the capability now to record the different tools you are using like the brush strokes and all of your strokes will be recorded.

    just a note that it may take some practice and tweaking to get the actions works on all the tools, because when I tried to use this tool using the brush and the pentool, usually it does not record the keyboard shortcuts (on my experience), like switching of colors you need to click color it self and you need to view the recorded actions, but I was amazed how this tool record your brush stroke which is great.

    but overall this is really an awesome new tool added on cs6 version

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