[TUTORIAL] How to backup your Cherry Mobile Flare 2x


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    [TUTORIAL] How to backup your Cherry Mobile Flare 2x

    After the release of the Cherry Mobile’s new lineup of Smart Phones (Apollo,Burst 2.0, Flare 2.0 and Flare 2x) , of course users can’t help to do tweaking on their phones so this tutorial is a MUST if you’re planning to ROOT and Customizing your Flare 2x, remember to always backup first before doing anything else.


    ok first is goto the Roadkill Disk Image website on the choose your download section select the operating system that you are going to use, on my end I am on a Windows 8 platform so I need to download the file that is compatible for Windows 8 and click download

    next is you need to turn of your phone and boot the QPST MODE, to access that you need to press and hold volume down + power button for a couple of seconds and wait for it to load the ENTRY QPST DOWNLOAD and then plug your USB to your computer and wait for it to automatically detect the driver, if it ask you to FORMAT the disk just IGNORE/CANCEL that window

    once the phone is detected you will notice it will have a removable drive on your computer , so now open the ROAD KILL DISK IMAGE.

    choose STORE IMAGE tab and on the read image you will see it will have a new partition which is around 4gb in our case that is the Flare 2x.

    next is to click the browse and rename the file of your backup I recommend naming it with this naming file convention [filename]-[date]-[time] so once done click the START button and wait for it to load

    it may take awhile to finish doing the backup because of the capacity take note that it’s a whole image rom it will include all the files of your phone even the IMEI and personal data’s you have on your unit, so usually I do not recommend sharing this file to others unless you know how to modify the files.

    I also recommend doing the backup 2–3 times so in case the first backup might be corrupted you will still have a backup of your whole ROM.

    after doing the backup you can now proceed on tweaking your phone like rooting or custom roms 😀

    be sure to double check your files or else you will end up a dead phone when you restore a corrupted file.

    TIP: backup your phone when you haven’t installed any apps yet

    there are other methods of doing a backup but it needs more technical skills so far this is the easiest way to backup your ROM on a qualcomm processor stay tune for my other tutorials for flare 2x 🙂

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