Learn how to save money easily with Chink+ DIY Money Kit


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    Learn how to save money easily with Chink+ DIY Money Kit

    Saving money is not a very easy thing to do if you’re in a situation where all the things you have are just enough and don’t have any spare money to spend for other things. Like buying a gadget, clothes, new things and other stuffs. We all want to have a happy and prosperous life and financially free. But the thing is how can we start saving money if we don’t have the money to save right?

    Well practically speaking it easy to say but it’s really hard to do if we don’t have any guidance from a person who knows how to handle financial things. I personally want to know how to start investing and know how to budget my money properly.

    Like any tech blogger and tech addict person if there’s a new gadget in town we want to be the first or even one of the users of that certain gadget or product, but the problem is in the long run we really can see that it doesn’t benefit us if we can’t handle the use of our money wisely. Sometimes the money we invested for a certain gadget is too much that intentionally it causes a financial problem. if you’re an employee before the actual salary you don’t have any budget to spend so sometimes we just lend from other people in order just to sustain the lifestyle.

    That’s why I am very happy and thankful that there is now an easy way to learn how to budget and invest our money wisely. when this product was launched I was very curious and interested to know what are the things that I will learn upon purchasing the product and also in the long run investment. and thankfully finally I got the hands on with the first DIY Money Kit in the Philippines. which no other than Mr. Chinkee Tan or popular for the name Mr. Chink+. develop this product to help fellow filipino and other people to know on how to manage and invest money properly.

    So without further ado let me introduce and show you what you can get with the DIY Money Kit by Chinkee Tan for the content here’s what’s included.

    Kit Content Includes

    • Money Kit Guide (Manual and Instructional video with Chinkee Tan)
    • Accordion Folder
    • Expenditures Envelopes
    • Positive Buying Envelopes
    • Investment Envelopes
    • Debt Repayment Plan Worksheets
    • Financial Obligations Worksheets
    • Pen
    • Till Debt Do Us Part Book
    • Budgeting Software

    First let’s check the box as you can see its composed of a very large box with a combination of white.black and red accent.

    In front we will see the cartoon character version of Mr. chink+, then the Text slogans plus the images of the Product we will have if we buy the product. The price is at the upper right corner which is worth Php2,500.

    Looking at the Left Side is the information about Chinkee Tan then on the Right side we will see the look of the Automated Software to budget our money. Then in front is just the Save, Budget , Invest and Debt Free Icon. and on the other side is the We Want You To:

    Looking at the bottom is the Kit content and other info’s

    Before opening the box it also includes 6 Books for free while the other 1 is still inside the box. and the Titles are (Always Chink+ : how to inspire yourself to inspire others,

    Then for Richer for Poorer, How I made my first Million Through direct selling and how you can too!, Secrets of the rich and successful and Rich God Poor God.

    Now there is a book is inside the Box which make it a total of 6pcs of book that ranges from 300–400. if you love reading books definitely this is one of the tools that is literally a must read.

    Moving to the items inside the box. It comes with a very detailed and colorful envelops and table list. First in the list is the Accordion Envelope this is where we put the different envelopes where we list all our expenses and future plans.

    It also comes with a Pen plus the Instructional Video Tutorial on how to use the product and also the User Manual Guide which is a really nice looking graphical manual that is very easy to follow and straight to the point.

    Next are the 3 different colorful envelopes. The red one is the Investment Envelop which if you’re planning to invest on different things all will be listed in this enveloped. The Yellow is the Positive Buying Envelope this is one of my favorite envelopes since this where you put the list and money in terms of planning ahead you will list all the details on what item are you going to buy then when is the plan to purchase the item then how many months for the goal.

    The last Envelope is the Savings Envelope which is in color Green. in this envelope you will see how much have you save since you started following the rules and reaching our goal.

    and the other white colored envelope is the Expenditure envelope. This envelope is where you list all the expenses daily so you can monitor if you’re overspending already from the plan.

    The last two paper here is the Financial Obligations and the Dept Payment Plan Worksheet, from here we set our needs and wants and divide all the things to stay out of debt.

    Overall I really love the Idea of the Money Kit it guides you thru all the process of valuing your money and when to spend your money and of course how to multiply it. with this kit I can say I will learn to value my money and monitor how I spend it and basically that’s what’s missing to me managing my money in a simplest way and the Money Kit is the simplest and easiest way to follow when it comes to budgeting money.

    The design adds to the value of the product it’s not the typical papers the segmentation adds to the excitement on when are you going to use the money and if it’s worth it to use on that specific goal.

    I can say by the end of the year I will have a huge saving with the help of the Chink+ DIY Money Kit, it’s great for Employees and even for family who wants to help their kids to have early adoption of financial planning.

    So be sure to checkout this product its a must have for everyone who wants to start saving their money and don’t have any knowledge on how to start like me. let me know in the comment section if you have question regarding the Chink+ DIY Money Kit and I would love to share the experience with this great product.

    of course as what I have said this is a long term investment knowledge learning for financial freedom if you’re into quick easy money well this is not for you this is for people who wants to learn how to manage their money and when to use them for the long term goal.

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