MediaTek New Helio first Premium 64-bit True 2.2GHz 8-Core LTE Chipset


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    MediaTek New Helio first Premium 64-bit True 2.2GHz 8-Core LTE Chipset

    MediaTek is known for a low-cost SoC Manufacturer but this time they are embarking to a new line of chipset offering the first 64-bit True Octa Core Premium processor which offers new features.

    Helio is MediaTek’s premium mobile processor family which integrates leading heterogeneous computing technology with advanced multimedia innovations. This new processor range consists of the Helio X, a high-specification range of chips offering extreme performance, and the Helio P, a range of premium performance chips. Helio X is focused on uncompromised multimedia performance backed by highest level mobile computing, whereas Helio P provides optimal thermal efficiency and reduction of battery size, enabling the slimmest possible smartphone form factors. Both the X and P sit in the MediaTek high-end range of SoC’s.

    The first smartphone SoC offering is the Helio X10, the industry’s first True 8Core™, 2.2GHz 64-bit mobile processor, which operates ARM Cortex-A53 cores. Additional features include market-leading multimedia sub-systems that support many technologies never before possible in smartphones:

    • MiraVision — A high-performance, real-time pixel processing engine which dynamically controls sharpness, contrast and color, to enhance picture quality.
    • SmartScreen –An algorithm/pixel engine that compresses and enhances individual pixels, in real-time, to make the screen brighter, allowing users to experience TV-like quality using significantly less power.
    • 120Hz display in mobile devices — 120Hz refresh rates will create a crisper, smoother image quality when moving a document or text around, i.e., a map.
    • Super slow-motion –A camera capturing 480 frames per second (fps) for 1080p Full HD videos, with playback at 1/16 speed.
    • InstantFocus — Reduces focus time by 1.5 seconds. Improves tracking to ensure you always get a clear photo and never miss a shot.

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