How to Upgrade Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab to Windows 10


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    How to Upgrade Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab to Windows 10

    Cherry Mobile recently launched their newest MAIA series which compose of 3 devices the MAIA Smart Tab, MAIA Pad and MAIA Fone i4.

    Today i’m going to teach you on how to update the Maia Smart Tab to Windows 10, actually it’s the same process with my recent tutorial of O+, but since he Smart tab has limited storage we needed to use a micro SD.

    To get started we can use either Method 1 Or Method 2 to upgrade to Windows 10 and also be sure to backup first the drivers to be safe follow the same procedure here for the driver backup.

    Do take note that when upgrading DO NOT do a clean install upgrade but only update the software like what you see below if you choose the method 2.

    Since the Smart tab has a limited storage remaining of 9GB insert a 16GB Micro SD card to the device and select that drive in the installation process.

    The update was smooth actually no drivers was lost but only the Display driver needs to update.

    It took several hours for it to update, just be patient also after updating the UI will be laggy because it uses the default display driver it just need to update the Intel display driver.

    Simply go to Intel Driver update website and download the Windows utility to scan the outdated driver and install.

    After that it will now be as smooth as the previous version 🙂

    Hope this helps let us know in the comment section in case you encounter any error. again DO NOT do a clean install but only update so that all the partition of the drive will be intact and the dual boot feature will still function.

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