How to Root Nokia X using Framaroot and Install GAPPS


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    How to Root Nokia X using Framaroot and Install GAPPS

    XDA Senior Member Kashamalaga shared on how to root the Nokia X it was just a week since the release of the phone they got into it and exploited it and you can now enjoy the Android Apps on your Nokia X if it will be in your hands soon.

    How to Root Nokia X:

    Step 1: Download the latest version of the Framaroot (1.9.1)

    Step 2: Once Downloaded install the Framaroot and Choose Gandalf

    Step 3: It will prompt that you have successfully rooted the phone.

    How to install GAPPS

    Step 1: Download Root Explorer in the Google Play Store

    Step 2: Once installed Download the GAPPS of Kashamalaga.

    Step 3: Extract and copy all apks from “” to /system/app and change permisions for this files.

    Step 4: Change file Permission Follow the Image.

    Step 5: Reboot your Smartphone

    Step 6: Extract and install as normal user every single needed apk include in “”. (If wanna use Google Now Launcher, open it after install it)

    Step 7: Try to launch Play Store, its gonna ask u for a Google Account login your account and Viola you can now download and install apps.


    Thanks to Jc Espinosa for the tip

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