How to purchase App, Games, Movies and Books in Google Play Store using Smart Load


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    How to purchase App, Games, Movies and Books in Google Play Store using Smart Load

    You can now purchase any items in the Google Play Store using your Prepaid and Postpaid Smart Load simply follow this easy simple steps. If you are a prepaid Smart subscriber be sure to have a regular load and for postpaid Smart subscribers it will be charged on top of your monthly bill.

    STEP 1: Be sure you are already login with your Gmail account, Choose the item you want to purchase, it can be any of the items in the Google Play store (apps,games,books,movies). click the amount button and a pop-up screen will show up that has a buy button. But don’t click yet the buy button because we need to change the payment option which you need to click the down arrow as what you see below.

    STEP 2: You will see two options first is the Payment options and second is the redeem simply choose the Payment options by clicking it.

    STEP 3: Now it will show the Payment options if you have already a card registered to your play store you will see it as a first choice but we want to use the Smart option so you need to choose the Enable Smart Communication in the other options.

    STEP 4: After clicking that option it will verify your account, just wait for a couple of seconds and it will prompt you to enter your personal information details.

    STEP 5: You will now see the Smart Communication billing info and put the necessary info’s needed and hit save.

    STEP 6: Next is it will just ask if the info’s you have inserted is correct , if your ok with the details just click accept.

    STEP 7: And now you will see you default payment method is the Smart communication account, if you’re sure with the purchase simply click the buy button.

    STEP 8: If you are downloading using your Data connection uncheck the “Download using Wi-Fi only” and click proceed. or else the downloading will not start.

    STEP 9: It will prompt you to input your password you can also check the never ask me again in case you don’t want to input your password every time you purchased. then hit the confirm button.

    and basically that’s it you will now receive a text message from Smart Telecom for your purchase verification.


    For this example we will purchase a Clash of Clans Gems using our Smart Prepaid Load, so be sure you have the right amount for your purchase.

    STEP 1: Open Clash of Clans and click the shop on the lower right corner of the screen, then choose treasure and you will see this menu, simply choose what package item you want to buy.

    STEP 2: like my first tutorial it has the same process in case you haven’t set the smart payment as your default payment method follow this next steps. Click the down arrow to show the other payment methods.

    STEP 3: Choose payment options.

    STEP 4: in the Payment options choose Bill my Smart Communication account, since we already verified our account you will not see the the information details, because we already input that awhile ago.

    STEP 5: and after choosing the right payment method simply hit the buy button and the item you purchased will show in a bit on your game.

    and that’s how easy it is to use Smart Load using your prepaid or postpaid account if you find this useful share it to your friends 🙂

    for more info about this service visit Smart

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