How to pay using Globe Charge — A faster and convenient way of paying using Visa / Mastercard / Credit Card


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    How to pay using Globe Charge — A faster and convenient way of paying using Visa / Mastercard / Credit Card

    When I first saw the Square technology way back a couple of years ago. I wish this technology will land here in the Philippines since it lessen the hassle of going to the counter for example on a restaurant or even mall. Easily just swipe it with your card with the reader dongle and it’s done. fast forward today I was surprise to see that this technology is already here in the Philippines and it’s not even highlighted by merchants that has this technology.

    I found out that the Square version here in the Philippines is the Globe Charge. Basically it’s almost the same technology for merchants to have a convenient way of letting customer pay using the Dongle Reader. feel free to visit the website of the Globe to know which are there partners that has this technology implemented.

    With my curiosity I saw the Sunnie by Charlie brand which is surprisingly my Girlfriends favorite brand in terms of eyewear.

    So I told her why not try the Globe charge when you buy your next shades or glasses.

    So fast forward again my Girlfriend went to Sunnies by Charlie at Mall of Asia Pasay. and looked for her next fashionista look eyewear. then she ask the sales lady if they accept my e-prepaid card by BPI with Globe Charge, since it also act as a Master Card. and the sales lady first said they only accept credit cards. But as usual some sales lady doesn’t know that any Visa / Master Card type are acceptable.

    Now the Purchasing part since this is a Dongle reader that is plug into a smartphone don’t be surprised if sales lady shows you a smartphone with a card reader like gizmo. That is the Globe Charge very portable and small. the sales lady is using an Android Samsung smartphone that has the Globe Charge app installed since they are a partnered merchant.

    They will open the app and login their account and will put the amount charge, so my Girlfriend purchased a worth Php299 item. and then it will let you swipe the card to the reader, it will then automatically autocomplete all the necessary information from the card and sales lady will let you apply a signature and that’s it. very easy and fast. (optional it will also ask for your contact number or email).

    What I really like about it is the signature it’s all digital you don’t need to sign any papers just to verify.

    You will still receive a receipt of the purchase that has all the necessary information just like the traditional card reader from most usual stores.

    Here’s the actual video of the whole process.

    Here’s a closer look at the Globe Charge Reader. a Square type that can be inserted on the 3.5mm jack of any smartphone Android or iOS to be exact. if you’re a merchant who want’s to implement this to your payment gateway feel free to visit Globe Charge page.

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