How to make Facebook Home Compatible on almost any devices [Update]


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    How to make Facebook Home Compatible on almost any devices [Update]

    UPDATE: here is a moded version of the apk , if you don’t want to change the build prob try this apk you just need to uninstal your current facebook apk and change it with on on this link just install the 2 apk and your good to go. credits to — theos0o — source

    UPDATE 2: here is another source from the modaco LINK just download and install the 3 apk’s and your good to go

    Here is a simple steps on how you can make the new Facebook Home compatible on your device.

    NOTE: Root access on your phone is required be sure to backup first before doing anything else. — rooting your phone voids your warranty we will not be held liable if your phone might brick if doing this process failed on your phone.

    First you need to download the latest version of the Facebook and Facebook Messenger app at the Google Playstore.

    next you need to download the Facebook Home APK, because as of the moment it is not compatible on some devices but if you can find it on the Googleplay store and you can install it smoothly, well good for you don’t need this tutorial anymore, but if not proceed with this.

    [button type=”large” color=”black” link=”” ]Facebook Home APK v3.1 [/button]

    once download you need to copy this on out internal storage or sd card connect via USB,Airdroid or card reader to transfer the file. and install it but DO NOT OPEN IT YET BECAUSE IT WILL NOT YET WORK.

    next is you need to be rooted or you need to have an access on your /system folder and have the capability to overwrite some of the files there which in our case is the build.prop , you can use any file explorer you can download (ex. ES file explorer,Root Browser,Romtoolbox) but in this demo I will use the romtoolbox lite.

    Open romtoolbox and goto the ROOT BROWSER

    next goto /SYSTEM folder

    and then look for the build.prop and copy it then paste it again there and then rename it to build.prop.bak so that if you encountered an error you can still go back, you can also use the build.prop editor if your more convenient with that 🙂

    then copy again the original one

    and paste it on the root or any folder you want on your storage, either internal or external storage.

    then copy this on your computer and edit it on any text editor for this example we will use notepad++


    add this line:

    here is the updated version of my build.prob base from the Cherry Mobile Omega HD SmartPhone.

    So once saved copy it back to your phone’s /system folder and overwrite the existing one. and then reboot your phone.

    actual facebook home working on Cherry Mobile Omega HD

    once rebooted you can now open the Facebook Home on your apps and wait for a couple of seconds and now you have successfully made the Facebook home work on your phone 🙂

    big credits to kauro kamiya for helping me out to make this work 🙂 enjoy!

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