How to download all the google web fonts on your local drive


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    How to download all the google web fonts on your local drive

    Finding the right fonts for your design is really time consuming because not all fonts are free some of them are paid, but luckily google web fonts is around where you can find fonts that fits on your style and needs, so in this post I show you on how easy it is to download the whole database of google web fonts on your local drive.

    the online version of the web fonts preview is located here

    you will notice that this fonts can be downloaded one by one if you want to try it out on your own projects.

    Here is an example of a great use of the google web fonts on an actual google webpage

    I was curious on what font did they use and upon checking on using the Whatfont Google extension it uses the “Anton” and “Open Sans” fonts. so I want to try it out on my next project but viewing the google webfont gallery is really a blast so what I did is download all the library of fonts in there 🙂

    so heres how easy it is to download, you can visit this link for a well written documentation on how to download the whole Google webfonts library.

    but here is the process in a graphical format

    first you need to Download and install TortoiseHG

    then after installing it you need to create a folder on any location, this will be the storage of the google web fonts on your local drive

    once you are on your folder , press right click on your mouse and then hover TortoiseHG and then click “CLONE” and you will see it will prompt another window and you need to put this url ( on the SOURCE textbox

    and click the clone and wait for a couple of minutes/hour to finish the sync process this will depends on how fast your internet connection, after finishing downloading you will have all the 1000+ google web fonts right onto your computer and install it FOR FREE! 🙂

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