How to apply for the New Postal ID 2015


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    How to apply for the New Postal ID 2015

    A couple of months ago PHLPost announced the availability of the New unified Postal ID a much more secured and beneficial ID. The latest Postal ID has been revamp from ground up, from the previous simple paper type ID with just a laminated plastic. The New Postal ID is now fully digital with new security features.

    I recently posted that I will apply for it and today finally it was delivered to my address and here is the whole process on how to apply for the New Postal ID (2015).

    I applied at the Novaliches PHLPost branch which is located at Forest Hill near Meralco.

    before going to their office be sure to have the valid Documents.

    The process was really easy and fast as long as you have all the documents ready. you will be ask for some short personal verification questions. Then they will check your documents if there are no issues, one checked it will be forwarded to the person in charge for the ID and Data encoding.

    I’m really glad they are now using better system, they are even using the same camera I used the Logitech C920 which outputs a very decent quality in terms of Photo, you will first have a Photo taken from the booth.

    After that you will scan your fingers (Left and Right Thumb and Index Finger) using the fingerprint scanner, be sure not to press since it’s not the traditional stamp pad :p.

    And then you will sign using the Wacom Pen Tablet, then the assistant will ask if the signature is ok if not you can repeat the process.

    Then the encoder will put all you personal information base on your birth certificate and barangay clearance (Address). and after they encoded it to the computer they will let you check all the necessary information so be sure to check it carefully since that will all be in the final Digital ID. they will also show the actual look of the ID when it gets printed .

    Once done the teller will give you the claiming stab so that when it arrives on your address that is the one you will give but in my case actually the mailman just ask for an ID and its good to go.

    The ID is valid for 3 Years and can be used for Transacting in Banks, Government Agencies, Utility companies. Not like the old postal ID which is not valid for any transaction. the new one is also valid for passport requirements.

    The ID will take 30 days processing for it to arrived on your home address but mine took less than a month which is really nice.

    Here is the actual look of the ID (blurred for security purposes.)

    for more details you can contact phlpost at / +632–527–5872 / +632–527–0151

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