How to Apply for a Globe PostPaid Plan — Easiest way


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    How to Apply for a Globe PostPaid Plan — Easiest way

    DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored by Globe this is base on my personal experience that I want to share to my readers 🙂

    I will be sharing how I got my Globe Postpaid Plan without even going to any Globe Center and stay on a line for several hours this is so far the most convenient way of applying and it is not hard as what you are thinking.

    Ok first thing first why did I upgraded from prepaid to postpaid plan? well actually this was recommended by my friend, and they enlighten me on how convenient and affordable it is.

    which also convinced me because checking my expenses, right now every week I consume almost 200 pesos that is just for texting and not even for calling plus the 3G and LTE connection. so they told me why don’t I go for a postpaid because it’s cheaper and hassle free.

    Well I told to them I was planning to go for a postpaid plan but my problem since I am a freelance usually you need a PROOF OF INCOME , when applying, they told me NOOOOOO! you really don’t need to have any proof of income to have a post paid plan all you need to have is an ID and a proof of billing (ex. Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill).

    So when I got home after our conversation I checked the globe website for contact details because I am a type of person who really hate’s falling in line just to apply for an application on any services, I usually check if there are any easier way, which what I will be sharing next.

    So let’s go with the actual application process, the first thing you need to do is call their hotlines. either for sales or customer service.


    Landline: (02)730.1000 (Customer Care) | (02).730.1010 (Sales) | (02) 2.730.1300 (Loyalty) Mobile: 211

    Located here

    I called the Sales service and they explained all the necessary things I need to know.

    so first things first they asked if I am a new subscriber which yes, so they will also ask you if you are going for a postpaid with a gadget or just a postpaid line.

    Now that is the tricky part be sure to tell them that you are only applying for a postpaid plan LINE ONLY, because if you will choose the Line with a Phone that is the time that they will need more requirements for the application. like the Proof of Income that usually if you are employed you really don’t have a problem on this but for like me as a self-employed person usually they will ask you to have BIR’s and other complicated stuffs.

    So be sure to choose LINE ONLY SUBSCRIPTION.

    the only requirement you need is the following

    • Proof of Identification (ID)
    • Proof of Billing (ex. Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill one of them)

    Then the customer representative will ask you some personal information like, name,address,contact details and email address.

    then next part is the Postpaid plan, now this may vary on users so for my plan I choose the Unlimited Call and Text which is upon writing this article it cost around PHP599 for some that amount will be huge but again you can customize your plans just tell your requirements on your plan to the customer representative and they will guide you.

    to be honest although there is a section on the Globe website where you can Choose you plan but for me I find it more confusing and not user-friendly I hope they will enhance the user experience on that because it took me an hour I still don’t understand how that Custom Plans work 🙁

    well going back to my plan, I computed my expenses as what I told awhile ago it cost me around 200 pesos per week that is just for texting calling and data 3G/LTE Connection. so if I will compute that is almost 600–700 per month and not only that it’s a bit hassle because sometimes when I am in makati or other established places it’s really hard to find loading station which is usually 7/11 does the load on areas like Makati or on SM Malls but still that is hassle when you need to call or text a person ASAP it’s really frustrating.

    there is a cheaper plan example if you just want an unlimited texting it is just 399 + 200 pesos consumable load

    by the way on my plan 599 it also has a 200 consumable load where you can text or call other networks.

    NOTE: also if you want to request for a LTE ready SIM Card just tell it to them and they will also let you choose if you want to have the combo sim which is the one with an adapter for the regular sim slot and the cut version for the microsim.

    I am not sure of all the postpaid plans of Globe so if you know more cheaper plans from globe please do share it on the comment section 🙂 it will be really a great help.

    so once done choosing the plan all you need to do is just get your reference number and also the email address of the Globe where you need to send your requirements which is the ID and Proof of Billing a scanned copy the email address of the globe is ,

    [email protected]

    just email all the information they need and they will call you within 24hrs for the verification or activation and it will deliver on your doorstep in just 3–5 days 🙂

    NOTE: be sure you when attaching files it must not exceed on 2mb so if in case it exceeded you need to separate the other documents and send it on another email.

    so you really don’t need to fall in line 🙂

    also this doesn’t have a contract so anytime you can discontinue your account

    Benefits of Postpaid

    • Hassle free load
    • When your Phone is lost or simcard you can replace it again with that same number
    • You can customize your plans anytime.


    • You need to monitor your consumption if it is out of the package of the plan like data connection because it will a separate charge
    • for some other plan there are lock in periods

    additional note be sure also to ask if there are other fees like an advance payment or some pre activated features and be sure that roaming call is disable or else don’t get be surprise on your bills LOL

    so there you go guys that is how easy to apply for a globe postpaid plan 🙂 if you find this helpful be sure to share to your friends who are also interested on getting a postpaid plan 🙂

    again this tip is only applicable for LINE ONLY Subscription 🙂

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