How to add the New YouTube Cards for more Interactive Video


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    How to add the New YouTube Cards for more Interactive Video

    YouTube announced a new feature on every YouTube creator channel called “Cards” it’s a an upgraded version of the annotation feature. it shows in the right side of the video when you click the icon that pop-ups at the upper right corner of the video. which suggest different things from Linking to an Associated website, merchant, fundraising and other videos/playlist.

    Here’s how to enable the new Card feature.

    First you need to visit any of your YouTube video and you will see a new icon [!] beside the annotation button hover into that and you will the card.

    Once you click that it will goto the main dashboard of the card similar with the way you put annotations on video but this time its minimal. You just need to put the cursor on the right time then choose which card do you want to add (Associated Website, Merchant, Fundraising, Video or Playlist).

    Every card has its own options feel free to experiment with it and enjoy the new interactive way to drive more views and visit to your videos and other links.

    Here is the actual look when you applied it on a video. it’s a very catchy widget on the right side and has a better look and showing more information.

    The card also has its own analytics which you can check if the cards that you implemented is doing well , it’s located in the analytics section below the annotations.

    That’s how simple it is to add the new YouTube Card. Have you implemented it? which one do you prefer the cards or annotations? let me know in the comment section down below.

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