How to access and download spotify if your located in the Philippines


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    How to access and download spotify if your located in the Philippines

    If netflix is one of my most awaited to be here in the Philippines for Movies , Spotify is really my choice for music where you can listen to music/audios for free and it’s unlimited access as long as you have the player but again apparently upon writing this post Spotify is not yet available here in the Philippines 🙁

    but don’t worry, no one can stop us on experiencing this feature here in the Philippines , so let’s get started

    as you can see you can download the spotify software on their site by simply scrolling down and you will see the download section and click the windows or what OS you are using.

    because I am a window user I need to download the windows version of this application, but the problem is even though you download the application you still won’t have access on it because you need to have an Account in order to use it.

    So we need to use the tool the we have used on our netflix hack which is the addon anonymox or hidemyass addons once your IP address have change you can now register your account , and when you open your spotify application you can now login succesfully , but here is the catch you still can’t purchase the premium account unless your account is one of the available country that spotify is open, like me my paypal account is registered in the Philippines so it will have an error that you can’t purchase the service , so if you can create or edit your account to be in any location where spotify is available you will be good to go.

    but then again the free version is fine if you just want to listen via streaming you still have a access on all the music but you just can’t listen to it offline and it has ads on the application.

    hopefully for the upcoming month spotify will expand it’s service here in the Philippines so we can all enjoy the beauty of online music 🙂

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