Xiaomi Mi4i caught on camera battery exploding


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    Xiaomi Mi4i caught on camera battery exploding

    Facebook user Ajay posted an incident caught on camera using his beloved Xiaomi Mi4i. A video posted on his profile showing how the accident happened, watch the video below.

    xiaomi mi4i exploded (1)

    If you look closely in the footage the user is just using his phone although, we are not sure if it’s plugged in since while looking at the footage there is a dangling cable, then suddenly it seems he felt some heating with his phone and thrown it up on his desk that starts to burn, noticeably the battery flared up like fireworks.

    The great thing that the owner didn’t have any injury, but this shows that using the phone while plugged in may cause some serious damage to your phone.

    here are some of the after-mat photos

    xiaomi mi4i exploded (1)
    xiaomi mi4i exploded (1)

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