WIS100 a Wi-Fi Socket that can control Appliances / Gadgets Everywhere using a Smartphone


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    WIS100 a Wi-Fi Socket that can control Appliances / Gadgets Everywhere using a Smartphone

    We have an exclusive product from a new rising local brand named Playground.ph . They have very unique products that also offers a very affordable price with a high quality fashionable products. They have tons of gadgets that has a multi purpose use, like the Bluetooth Speakers with Hands free-calling functionality. A Fashionable powerbanks with warranty can you imagine that, I think few brands has a warranty on powerbanks now a days they also have wearable Bluetooth watch that we’re going to check out soon and a IP Camera that has the coolest feature! that we will also unveil soon so be sure to stay tune on that.

    Now we’re taking a look at their newest product line that helps consumers control any gadgets and appliances using any smartphones, it may be an Android devices or iOS it’s fully compatible. Meet WIS100 a Wi-Fi Socket that can be controlled over the Wi-Fi and remote accessible also.

    Basically it’s a socket with wi-fi connectivity. A very minimalist design socket that is plug and play, no need to install any drivers or whatsoever tools in order for it to work just pair it with any smartphones that runs on an Android 4.0 and up and iOS 6 and above.

    It’s a very stylish socket but quite huge similar with an adapter. But this thing can have a maximum load capacity of 10A, with an input voltage range of 110v — 240v AC.

    The box comes with an Adapter and User manual, it has all the instructions and details on how to troubleshoot and configure the device. There’s also a QR Code that you can scan in order to download the app to control the WIS100.

    you can download Scan — QR and Barcode Reader to capture the QR Code.

    [pb-app-box pname=’me.scan.android.scan’ name=’Scan — QR and Barcode Reader’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

    or Option 2 just visit the Google Play Store and search for WiWo app on the Google Play Store and App Store.

    [pb-app-box pname=’com.orvibo.irhost’ name=’WiWo’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

    It only have one button and that lights up showing an indicator to help troubleshoot the device it changes color from RED to BLUE once configured correctly you can watch my video to see how easy it is to configure.

    The great thing about this device is once appliances is plugged it can be scheduled or countdown to turn ON and OFF with just a simple click on the app and what makes this very unique, it can control any devices connected to it remotely. For example you’re on a hurry going to your office work and suddenly you forgot to turn OFF some of the appliances like aircon. television or other stuffs. since it’s connected to WIS100 simply registering an account to the app sync any devices connected to the app. Remotely access it over the DATA or Wi-Fi connectivity outside.

    I tested it out and let my girlfriend control my lamps remotely so she turned it on and off. She is located in the south while me in the North she simply downloaded the app and sync my account on her device and viola she remotely controlled my devices. really fantastic device.

    It’s now available on different outlets of Playground nationwide for only Php1,490. feel free to visit their official fanpage at fb.com/playground.ph

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