WeChat Update 5.2 New Features for iOS


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    WeChat Update 5.2 New Features for iOS

    WeChat 5.2 is now available for download for iOS, it has now grown from just a messaging app to a much more interactive and sociable app.

    So what’s new with the version 5.2

    first is the Real-time location sharing with walkie talkie, this feature can be accessed by going to a walkie talkie mode and click the location and you will see the new feature Real-time Location

    second is the Universal search including chat history search, so now when you type anything in the search box you can now access your chat history

    third one is you can Receive a special notification if you’re mentioned in a group chat, Notification is a big role when you want to be updated with your group so now they added a feature where when they mention you in the group chat you will receive notifications.

    fourth is now you can Share sticker sets with friends.

    fifth is well if you have a LinkedIn account you can now Link your account and find more friends.

    sixth is finally a Better image browsing in chats this feature really one of my favorite because before it’s really hard to trace images and you need to scroll your old post before you can grab those images again.

    and the last update is the Calls connect more reliably and video and audio quality is improved

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