We Welcome 2013 with a smile :)


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    We Welcome 2013 with a smile 🙂

    It was an awesome 2012 experience, went to different places, meet new people and made new friends. our site traffic increased and my youtube channel is having more subscribers and views 🙂

    So this 2013 we made some new enhancement on our pinoyscreencast goals, our goal is to reach more subscribers and gain more views because we will be a full time youtuber, focusing on tech and tutorial stuffs. I will still be blogging and giving updates here but as you all know I am not that very proficient when it comes to creating articles and I am more into videos, and I love video it makes me explain more things that I want to say.

    with that I’ll be welcoming 2013 with a big smile and to reach more of our goal to be the channel of tagalog tutorials and to help more people gain knowledge and experience without spending huge amount of money.

    hoping to have more new knowledge to share with you guys and don’t forget to subscribe on our youtube channel, just click the widget on the right side of this post 🙂 rock en roll 2013.


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