Watch how Playstation 4 (PS4) Hacked to run Linux


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    Watch how Playstation 4 (PS4) Hacked to run Linux

    Many hackers / devs are pushing to exploit Sony’s Playstation 4 and a great start for 2016 yup a group of Hackers with a codename Fail0verflow managed to exploit the said system by running a Linux kernel-based operating system.

    On their blog they announced and demo the actual exploit for the PS4 watch the full video below.

    As you can see based on the procedure they opened the browser that points to the manual of the PS4 and redirected it to execute a remote command which launches the actual linux OS they have installed on the system not only that they also demo that playing emulator is possible with the said hacked. So can we expect a Linux Steam Machine soon? LOL. For sure Sony will not be happy with this and might patch the flaw on their update.

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