[VIDEO] Facebook Mobile Ads to Drive User Engagement


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    [VIDEO] Facebook Mobile Ads to Drive User Engagement

    Mobile is truly the next big thing in terms of purchase activity because of its mobility and how easy and convenient it is, simply just a few clicks on your already connected with your friends and families, at might also to thing that you want.

    Facebook is now Integrating a Different kind of way of Social Engagement with their Facebook app on IOS/Android, Starting today, developers can take advantage of custom calls to action.

    Facebook is enabling developers to utilize custom calls to action, such as “Open Link”, “Use App”, “Shop Now”, “Play Game”, “Book Now”, “Listen Now”, or “Watch Video”.

    and here is a video of one of the Developers of Facebook showing and example of an app that will easily book to a Hotel

    if you are interested to play around with the new ads you can visit here


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