Unified and Secured Postal ID Coming Soon


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    Unified and Secured Postal ID Coming Soon

    Postal ID is one of the easiest to have as an ID but also the easiest to fake because it’s just a laminated paper, PHLPost have just updated the ID to a more secured and Digital ID that can also be used now on different government transactions.

    Security features added to the new postal ID now has QR Code that can be scanned and verified using an Android App, and also a magnetic Stripe just like the credit cards. it also has a holographic security and biometrics data.

    with Postal ID now can be use for Government transactions like passport, Social Security System ID, Government Service Insurance System ID, driver’s license, and voter’s ID.

    Cost of the new ID will range from PHP400 to PHP800, the nationwide availability will be on January 2015 although there are already some areas in the Metro manila but they will still add 20 more this December.

    This is a great move by the PHLPost for upgrading the Postal ID I’m really excited for this one.

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