Unboxing Starmobile Play Neo “SUPER PACK”


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    Unboxing Starmobile Play Neo “SUPER PACK”

    Today we are going to take a closer look at Starmobile’s newest entry level device the Play Neo. Starmobile took a different approach with this device, on papers it’s powered by a 1.3GHz Quad Core Spreadtrum 7731G which we just often see on smartphone devices. But having only 512MB of RAM and 8GB of Internal Storage running on Android KitKat 4.4. Basically, it’s a device for starters, but in order for Starmobile to push this product they offer a worthy bundle and you will be surprised that the bundle is pricier than the phone itself. Before I dig into the phone’s physical hardware appearance let me first give the details on what you will get with the Smart Prepaid bundle they offer exclusively with this device.


    The majority of the consumers now a day needs to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. On a typical regular SIM yes! you also can access Facebook for FREE! right? but other than that you won’t be able to access other sites unless you top up another load for a different bundle.

    With the Starmobile Play Neo, it aims to bridge that gap for an average consumer. With this bundle, you will have a FREE! 700MB of Mobile data per month for 1 Year (12months) by just loading a Php 150 per month.

    Take note that you don’t need to load 150 pesos in just one reloading, your SUPER PACK free data will be activated once you accumulated at least Php150 load per month let’s say you do use a regular load of 10 pesos per day now on if you reach the Php 150 threshold for the month you can now enjoy the data and access the following sites and apps below for FREE!

    Once you loaded the SIM you can access all this apps and site:

    • Facebook
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Viber
    • WhatsApp
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Clash of Clans
    • Google Search
    • Spinnr

    The SIM is also an LTE capable Triple cut SIM (Regular, Micro and Nano cut) and out of the box it’s already inserted to the device so once booted up you will receive the SIM activation message.

    But take note that all your unused data (MB) after 30 days will not be carried over to the next succeeding month, it will automatically expire every 30 days. Subscribers will also receive a notification once you reached the 80% and 100% consumption of your data allocation. AND any excess data allocated in MB will be charged on a regular rates of Php5 to Php15 per minutes so be sure to monitor your data consumption.

    Other than the Starmobile Play Neo they also offer the SUPER PACK on their other line of products.

    • PLAY Club Super Pack powered by Sun Cellular
    • Knight X Super Pack powered by Globe
    • UNO B508 Super Pack powered by Talk N Text (TNT)
    • Engage 10 Pro Super Pack powered by Smart Bro

    Unboxing and Packaging

    Like any other Starmobile products, the Play Neo still have a great packing and accessories included inside. The packaging has a paper cover over the top of the box itself with a very nice touch of design. Inside it comes with the following accessories, User Manual, Warranty card, (2) Screen Protector, Semi-Transparent Back Case, Earphones, USB to Micro USB cable, Travel charger, Super Pack booklet, Smart SIM Prepaid , 2000mAh Battery and the Starmobile Play Neo itself.

    With that said imagine having all this bundle package for just a price of Php2,990. Sulit! or Sulit!? 🙂

    Build and Design

    Now taking a closer look at the Device it’s a 5-inches TF panel 2 Multi-Touch screen with 5-megapixel BSI Camera with Autofocus and a 2-megapixel Front fixed focus camera. It’s a bulky curvy corner build device which is really meant for average consumers weight is quite heavy comparing to other 5-inches devices.

    The front bottom part has the 3 capacitive buttons the Menu, Home and Back button, unfortunately, it does not have a backlit nor a reflective sticker so using this at night might be difficult for some. Moving at the left side it has the volume rocker and on the right most part is the power button. On top, it has the 3.5mm earphone jack and at the bottom is the Pin Hole Microphone and Micro USB port for charging.

    Checking the back again it has the 5-megapixel rear camera with BSI sensor so this might have a great photo output on a low light situation but will still check it on our full review. Then the middle has the Starmobile Logo and the Speaker Grill at the bottom left corner.

    It comes with different colors the Gold which is what we have then also in White and Black. The overall build is sturdy and solid and what’s great with package, you can use the semi-transparent back cover to protect further the device from scratches.

    The Phon is also a Dual SIM capable device which the SIM card slot 1 is a Micro SIM while the second slot is a Regular SIM with also an expandable card slot upto 32GB. Even though the device is not LTE capable but it still has up to HSPA+ signal coverage that can access up to 21.1Mbps which is not bad for an entry -level device.

    Battery has a 2,000mAh power which hope to last before every the end of the day. for just a casual usage.

    So there you go, that is the Quick unboxing and overview of the Bundle package of the new Starmobile Play Neo. if you have clarifications regarding the SUPER PACK! don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. We will review this device for the next few weeks and stay tuned for our full review.


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