Rooting is not Illegal — Philippines IP code ammendments


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    Rooting is not Illegal — Philippines IP code ammendments

    Finally everyone now is enlighten if rooting and jailbreaking is illegal in the Philippines and the answer is NO!

    Is jailbreaking or rooting[*] my phone or device illegal?

    No. Jailbreaking or rooting by themselves are not illegal. However, downloading pirated material, or committing infringement with a “jailbroken” phone increases the penalty and damages imposed on the person found guilty of infringement.

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    • Jailbreaking (for iOS) and rooting (for Android) are examples of decompilation, the process of removing the vendor-imposed limitations of tablets, mobile devices and other electronic gadgets. Though not illegal, decompilation may be in violation of your operating system’s terms of use, and therefore may void your warranty.

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    but of course for those people who download and use pirated ,crack, nulled apps can be a violation of the IP code so I recommend that you use Legal software/apps and start practicing downloading from the Google play store not on the blackmarket 🙂 if you really don’t want to be penalize by the governement. and please support all the hardwork of the developers out there that create all those stunning apps 🙂

    be sure to read more of the “Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines”

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