Razor Introduces their first Wearable Drone — Eidolon


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    Razor Introduces their first Wearable Drone — Eidolon

    Gaming Experience has never been the same with Razor Products but have you ever imagine of seeing your self in 3rd person view well that is the Goal of the new Product of Razor and their first Wearable Drone Eidolon. Watch the video to see how it works

    it Consist of Revolutionary Membrain Lenses that basically shows you the view of your drone when it’s flying, then the hand knuckle controller that acts as the charger dock of the Drone. and of course the Eidolon itself a very small Drone that gives you the whole level experience of gaming and even perspective of your own.

    Razor Eidolon Specs:

    • Collision Detection
    • 4 hours of use in single charge
    • One module charging dock
    • One Module Manual Overrride
    • 3D 1080p 60fps 12 Mega Pixel Camera
    • Motion & Voice Recognition
    • 3D 1080p 60fps On-lens Display
    • Vertical Flight Capability Up to 4,000ft

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