Quick Look at the New Yahoo Apps available for Download Now for Android and iOS


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    Quick Look at the New Yahoo Apps available for Download Now for Android and iOS

    Yahoo recently launched their newest mobile apps for your daily dose of news and social trends, they have showcased four new apps the Yahoo App, Yahoo News Digest, Flickr App and Yahoo Aviate each app has a new feature.


    Yahoo app brings the best of the web with its virtually endless stream of personalized stories. It is designed for smaller screens, which makes it fit for all mobile phones, and it also offers Summly technology integration for those moments when users are on the go and are in need of short news summary. Yahoo app brings a personalized Yahoo on your mobile.

    Key Features:

    • Personal: The Yahoo app learns about your interests and brings more relevant stories to your feeds. You can personalize your experience by selecting topics you want to see more stories about. The more you use the app, the more personal and interesting it becomes.
    • Virtually Endless News Feed: It has a continuous stream of best-of-the-web content in both words and photos, from sports and entertainment, to business and technology. It is a virtual stream of stories based on your preferences and interests.
    • Fast and Intuitive: Yahoo app’s clean design and latest technology makes it faster and easier for you to keep up with the news that is important to you. Summly technology combined with a personalized feed makes the app really you.
    • Easy to share: Yahoo app stories can be easily shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
    • Revamped web search: Web search experience just got better with image and video options where you can discover information that would suit your interest.


    Yahoo News Digest for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android were built using insights from Summly, a company acquired in March 2013. Since its launch in the United States, Yahoo received an overwhelming response with 40% of people who download the app coming back on a daily basis and 50% of them completing the digest. Encouraged by the response, an International edition of the Yahoo News Digest was launched on May 8, 2013, under the management of 19-year-old Nick D’Aloisio.

    Key Features:

    • Yahoo News Digest provides a summary of all the important, need-to-know news under different categories such as Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Americas, Technology, Sports, and Arts.
    • Digests are delivered twice a day — once in the morning and once in the evening. All the top stories are summarized and presented with the key information that you need to stay on top of what’s happening.
    • In the morning and evening, users are notified when the top stories are ready to read. They can scan the summary, as well as read units of information called “Atoms,” which provide context to each story, including maps, infographics, videos, photos and more.
    • Yahoo News Digest was created to serve people’s daily need to stay informed about the most important news and events around them. The algorithms, which were developed at Summly, smartly reduce stories to the most fundamental elements and meaningfully combine them with select point of views sourced from around the web.
    • Yahoo News Digest is a recipient of the Apple Design Award 2013. To be recognized a second time by Apple, a company that has inspired millions of developers around the world to understand that simplicity can create enduring beauty, is something Yahoo is incredibly proud of.


    After a Beta release in October 2013 and acquiring Aviate in January 2014, the sleek, simple, and intelligent Android application which aims to organize mobile phones was launched and rebranded as Yahoo Aviate on June 23, 2014. The application was founded by Mark Saiss, Paul Montoy-Wilson, and Will Choi.

    Key Features:

    • Simple: Yahoo Aviate simplifies everything about your Android phone: it clears the clutter by automatically categorizing your apps and making them easy to find.
    • Intelligent: Yahoo Aviate makes your phone smarter by anticipating the apps and information you need throughout your day.
    • People Feature: Yahoo Aviate automatically suggests you set “Favorites” for your most popular contacts. Now, with a simple swipe up from the homescreen, you can call, text, or email your favorite people.
    • Calendar Feature: Yahoo Aviate also incorporates some of the most intelligent machine learning and predictive technologies from the Incredible Labs team to anticipate the information you want.
    • If the next meeting on your calendar is a conference call, a single tap will dial you in and even enter your conference code.
    • Email all the attendees of a meeting with one tap to keep them on the loop.
    • Aviate will estimate travel time to work, taking traffic into consideration.
    • Track Your Sleep Feature: Yahoo Aviate tracks how long you have been sleeping with this feature which can be accessible via Spaces during night-time.
    • One-Swipe Access: Yahoo Aviate gives you easier access to daily habits like your alarm clock, a daily news summary, alarm clock, weather, and a curated Flickr image of the day that you can set as your background.


    Aimed to inspire everyday photographers, Flickr continues to be one of the most popular photo sharing sites with over 92 million unique users and a growing library of 10 billion photos. It enables users to easily capture, create, share, and discover beautiful photos — all from their mobile device. Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005 from Vancouver-based entrepreneurs Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake. They wanted to call it Flicker, but since the domain name was already taken, they called the company Flickr instead.

    Flickr was recently launched for iPads with iOS 8, and is available around the world in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

    Key Features:

    • Auto-tagging: Invisible auto-tagging in the background automatically categorizes and recognizes images to make it easier to find that perfect shot. Face recognition suggests the option to tag your friends.
    • EXIF Info: Photographers also care about the detailed metadata on the back-end of the photo. If you tap the information, you can view rich details like privacy settings, albums, tags, aperture, focal length, shutter speed, ISO/Film, camera and lens.
    • Professional Editing Tools: While the editing options are advanced, they are simple and easy to use. You can enhance levels, sharpen, contrast, customize focus and exposure points. You can auto-enhance, auto-straighten, intelligently crop, and quickly add filters to your photos in a single tap or customize existing filters with options like vignette, brightness and texture.
    • Video Capture and Upload: A new mobile video option allows you to easily capture up to 30 seconds in the app.
    • Discover: With a library of more than 10 billion photos and more than 1.6 million interest-based photo groups, users can explore the world of photography through geotagged images of their local community or people, places, and things with a simple search.
    • One Terabyte of Free Space: Flickr is designed to put photos at the center of your experience with enough space to interact with and enjoy a lifetime of memories. With 1TB of free space for everyone, Flickr gives a lifelong home for photos in high-resolution.
    • Photo Quality: Flickr maintains the original photo quality so every photo you edit and share looks as crisp and clear as the original picture, whether you zoom in on the smallest details or zoom out to see the whole image. It is the largest photo-specific site in the world.


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