Phonebloks + Motorola = Project Ara Updated Video and Website


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    Phonebloks + Motorola = Project Ara Updated Video and Website

    A new video has been posted by the Original creator of Phonebloks — Dave Hakkens

    as you will see in the video he gave us an insights on how the video made its way to finally be in reality and Motorola is one of the leading company who is starting to make this and making this into reality.

    A Popular YouTube Creator and Gadget Review also shared some insights and personal thoughts about this which is MKBHD which is more popularly known as Marques Brownlee.


    I agree with Marques aspect, the Phonebloks + Project Ara might be a game changer but is the world ready for this? will it last long? can it penetrate the market? this is an example of a Viral Content that is making its way to reality.

    We know that Google is Really one of the leading Company who wants innovation with the help of Open Source. Android is one of the Fruit of this Concept as you will see the Android Did a Game Changer in the Software side, look where is it right now it is one of the leading and mainly used Open Source Platform by almost all the Mobile Brands in the World.

    So Can Project Ara Make its way also ? well for my own personal idea, it can 🙂 How? well as you can see Phonebloks has updated its website and now it has donations on helping this Project to be in reality which is actually legit already because Motorola is already working on it for over a year now.

    but how fast can this be in our hands? well it will depend on how the World and Open Source Community will Gear into it, we all know that Open Source is really one of the fastest way to make an Idea into reality but how will we compare this to other brands that already attempted it, for example the recent Ubuntu Edge Project?

    You will see the Difference of the Two First is Niche market and time, as you can see although Ubuntu is already an Open Source but why did it fail in some aspects, you will see that the indiegogo project didn’t make its way to aim its Goal of funding? (although we know that this will still be in reality) why? for me I personally say that they focused on what is already in the market and just added some spices to make it more innovative but the idea is still not a game changer, yes! for some aspects it is Innovative but after the Project of the Ubuntu Edge what will be next for them? they created a phone that is fixed, fixed in such a way that it is already done once you have that phone.

    In a fast-moving world today that idea can be easily obsolete in just a short span of time. and the Ubuntu Edge is more of a High End Consumer Phone that Aims just put its brand into a higher edge position in the market. but the brand really doesn’t fit it 🙁 Ubuntu is an Open Source and an Open Source Aims a General market segment. So that is why is some aspects they fail, timing and concept.

    Well of course I am not saying that Phonebloks will be successful it’s really way far yet but then again for me this is more feasible for General market segment as you can see Android has dominated the Software side in terms of Mobile Platform.

    And now Project Ara is doing it on the Hardware side which is pretty interesting, and the fact it is now being backed up by one of the popular brands Motorola which is also a Google Company now, looking in the lighter side as you can see it only took a month so see an Idea become a reality. although like what Motorola said that they have been working on this for a year now.

    but as you can see because of the viral content they see the need of the technology the see that the advocacy has it’s market. people want this concept and people is also the key to make this into reality, with over a million supporting including myself this is for me a game changer.

    maybe the design right now is so raw and so bricked but as you can see this can be easily updated and that is the main factor why people love this its like a PC people like customizing things and you know that attitude if you’re an Android user 🙂

    I am really excited on the upcoming months on this one when Android + Project Ara is combined 🙂 both Open Source Platform this will be freaking awesome and hoping this will also be as successful just like the Android Open Source Platform.

    So what can you say about the Project Ara will it be successful in the upcoming months / year? share you taught in the comment section down below

    We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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