Nvidia unveiled a new range of NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics products


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    Nvidia unveiled a new range of NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics products

    Nvidia just released a new line of Quadro Video Cards with ultra-efficient processing power of the NVIDIA Kepler™ architecturem which they said the world’s fastest, most efficient GPU architecture so far, and with this new lineups it includes

    NVIDIA Quadro K4000 — A high-end card that delivers blazing-fast performance for graphics-intensive applications. Has 3GB of onboard memory, multi-monitor support and stereo capability in a single-slot configuration. Price $1,269

    Next-generation streaming multiprocessor engine (SMX), delivering up to 50 percent faster visualization performance and twice the compute horsepower of previous-generation products.

    NVIDIA Quadro K2000 — A midrange card that offers outstanding performance with a broad range of professional applications. Comes with 2GB of onboard memory to hold large models and multi-monitor support for enhanced desktop productivity.

    “With NVIDIA Kepler GPUs, we can create fully ray-trace rendered images of a bike before we actually build it,” said Nick Schoeps

    NVIDIA Quadro K2000D — A variant of the Quadro K2000, with native support for two dual-link DVI display connectors for interfacing with ultra-high-resolution medical imaging displays. Price — Quadro K2000 and Quadro K2000D, $599

    NVIDIA Quadro K600 — An entry-level card with great performance and certifications for leading professional applications. Equipped with 1GB of onboard memory, comes in a low-profile design for maximum usage flexibility.

    Price — Quadro K600, $199

    source {NVIDIA}

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