Nvidia announces Nvidia Shield first Android TV console


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    Nvidia announces Nvidia Shield first Android TV console

    Nvidia announced their newest product the Nvidia Shield. an Android powered TV console that runs on a NVIDIA Tegra X1 Processor with 256-core Maxweell GPU with 3GB of RAM. it also a 4k Ultra HD ready that can playback and capture upto 60fps. having a capacity of 16GB. the said device will be available in May, starting at $199 with a controller. Optional accessories include additional controllers, a remote control and a stand enabling the device to stand vertically.

    First, 50+ Android titles optimized for SHIELD will be available for download, including AAA titles like Crysis 3, Doom 3®: BFG EditionT and Borderlands: TPS. These can be played at blistering speed, thanks to SHIELD’s Tegra X1 processor, with its 256-core Maxwell™ architecture GPU and 64-bit CPU.

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