nPerf Best Speed test app for Android and Desktop


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    nPerf Best Speed test app for Android and Desktop

    We all check are bandwidth speed every now and then to see if we still hit or miss what our Telco/ISP Provider provides. But as of the moment speed test app available in the market just give the Download and Upload speed, which we can’t even verify if our ISP provider give as the right speed and how are apps and other things we do in our mobile and desktop affect our speed.

    Well nPerf changed that today, nPerf provides accurate and even detailed information we need when checking our speed test, if you download the app on your Android device and tried the app you will see it gives the following ( speed, streaming, browsing tests, ratings and comparisons ) which no other app right now can give. It also includes extensive services, such as coverage maps, speed maps, tests synchronization and nPerf monitor which is my favorite part a real-time speed tests on your notification bar similar on what you see on your MAC OS network monitoring speed.

    So far I can say it’s the best Speed Test app out there in the market so be sure to download and test the app 🙂

    [pb-app-box pname=’com.nperf.tester’ name=’Speed Test & QoS 3G 4G WiFi’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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