Nikon COOLPIX P900–24–2000mm Optical Zoom


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    Nikon COOLPIX P900–24–2000mm Optical Zoom

    Nikon just announced a monster optical zoom point and shoot camera , a 24–2000mm focal length lens that can zoom upto a kilometer. Usually this kind of range can only be achieved using a high-end prime lens with a gigantic bazooka look, but Nikon just pushed the boundaries for the Point and shoot segment for the COOLPIX P900 which only cost $596.95 roughly Php27,000 when converted to pesos.

    The COOLPIX P900 also comes with Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS built-in to it which makes transferring of files faster and easier.

    Want to check how far a 2000mm focal length can go ? watch the video below and it will blow your mind 🙂

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