The Philippines’ Most Comprehensive and Ambitious Financial Comparison Website Launches


    🚩 Report The Philippines’ Most Comprehensive and Ambitious Financial Comparison Website Launches

    Looking for the best value for your money for your gadget, plans, broadband, credit card or loans is one of the toughest thing to do because you put lots of time looking on their site scrolling page per page, link by link and still you didn’t find the best value that fits your budget, well you’re not alone guys there are tons of people having this problem including me usually I open 10–20 tabs of pages of my browser just to easily navigate on the link that I have clicked but still it’s not enough sometimes I took me 1 week to finalize that this is the right product or service for me.

    Well there’s a newly Launched site called basically it’s a Comparing Site Portal

    picture above is the Homepage of the at first glance you will not notice anything too fancy right but when you hover on the navigation you will see what things do they offer well basically a Free comparison for everyone from comparing a broadband, credit card , loans, insurance and mobile but take note that some of the comparing services that they are offering are still coming soon.

    But you can sign-up your email so can have an early access on that comparison tool once it is ready like since I badly need the mobile comparison but still it’s not available and I need to wait I just put my email address and Get the Free account.

    Going back to the main feature of the site so far the working comparison tool they have is the credit card and broadband so I will choose broadband.

    Now you will see in the image above or you can visit the broadband link you will notice that there is filter menu and below is icons of the things related to broadband clicking that tabs will filter more the choices you will see that the different telcos are there and all the services that they are offering from broadband, Plan, Gadgets and other more. you can compare it all there.

    MoneyMax is the first of its scale and ambition in the Philippines, leading the way to empowering Filipino consumers by helping them make smarter financial decisions. MoneyMax focuses on ease of use and user-friendliness, offering a host of benefits to its users:

    • Deep level of product detail and wide range of categories — The website will encompass a wide range of product categories and has now rolled out its credit cards and broadband verticals. Each category will span leading Philippine providers and will also involve deep levels of detail to ensure users get all the details they need to make a financially-savvy decision. MoneyMax will continually launch more categories as it grows, allowing its Filipino users to compare more services, and products and become smarter consumers.
    • Free, easy, and convenient — MoneyMax does not charge anything for its service, and does not add any fees or commissions on top of any quotes delivered to its users. It also aims to maximize user-friendliness, so all aspects of its navigation, function, and design are focused on being as easy to use as possible.
    • Independent and objective — As a third-party platform, MoneyMax offers unbiased information regarding the products and services of Philippine financial services providers, avoiding any marketing hype that could mislead consumers.

    They also provide FAQs, in-depth guides, and expert news,

    MoneyMax will become an editorial resource central where Filipinos can educate themselves more on how they could spend and save money wisely

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