Messenger to have End-to-End Encryption with Secret Conversations


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    Messenger to have End-to-End Encryption with Secret Conversations

    Facebook announced an upcoming feature to the messenger that encrypts private sensitive topics like bank accounts, illness or other financial information to an account.

    The new technology uses the Signal Protocol developed bu Open Whisper Systems. An End-to-End encryption for messenger is a new way to secure conversations, the use the feature there will be an option to activate in the menu then a new conversation tab will be available that shows the word ‚ÄúSecret Conversation‚ÄĚ, that means the conversation is now encrypted anything you send with that conversation is now encrypted.

    But take note that the new feature currently does not support rich contents like GIF and videos and other popular messenger features.

    Users can also set a time for a certain message if they want it to be deleted forever after the said time. This feature will be optional and Facebook is starting to roll it out with a limited test right now and will be widely available this year.

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