Meet Lamido the Online Divisoria on Mobile


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    Meet Lamido the Online Divisoria on Mobile

    I saw this site named Lamido where it’s also part of the most popular e-commerce platform Lazada. I’ve checked the site and I was surprised with the price of the items and you can buy as low as P100 peso items or less and the great thing about it is the marketplace anyone can sell and be part of the growing merchants of the Lamido. and users can even sell items by just using any smartphones. here are some of the things about the Lamido

    Lamido App: Your mobile shopping Partner

    When you think about online shopping, the things that usually go through your mind is, of course, internet connections, website and laptops. Almost everyone’s first move when shopping online is to grab a laptop and browse. Now here’s the thing, laptops and desktops are not the only ones that can aid you in shopping at online stores. The Lamido App is here to give the same services via you mobile phones! You read it right, as long as you have your mobile phones with you, you can now shop at Lamido anytime and anywhere!

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    Key Features of the Lamido App

    The Lamido Android App have an integrated search function that allows users to experience an easy and smooth way of browsing for product listings either by categories, price, brand and so much more. Also, Lamido App was built with better synchronization for customer’s navigation to be fast and easy between the app and the mobile itself. With these key functions, online shoppers can now search and shop for Lamido electronics and other items on the website just like the way you usually shop online using your laptop or desktop. Also, with the app’s featured instant messaging function, buyers can now contact sellers and update their order statuses in just a few clicks!

    Through the Lamido App, customers can also receive and get updates about special deals and latest promos of Lamido. The app also allows buyers to review product by looking at its ratings together with the seller’s overall ratings as well. This Android App is truly a benefit for online shoppers that are always on the go, as they can now purchase their favorite products online with Lamido App!

    The perks of using the Lamido App for online shopping

    Since its launch last September 2014, the Lamido App is continuously revolutionizing the country’s online buy and sell experience. From products and prices, to promos and special online deals, Lamido App is here to accompany shoppers to a better online mobile shopping!

    Compared to other buy and sell and online shopping android apps, the Lamido App isi different in a way that it enhances the user experience of its users. Shopping on the go has never been this easy thanks to the seamless design and easy navigation of the Lamido App. In a few more weeks, Lamido Philippines is also launching the IOS Lamido App. It’s going to be a more exciting endeavor since Lamido is expanding its reach to online consumers.

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