MediaTek announces Fast Charging Technology (PE+)


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    MediaTek announces Fast Charging Technology (PE+)

    MediaTek announces a new fast charging technology that we will see soon in the upcoming devices, the technology is called Pum Express and Pump Express Plus. A next generation charging technology. that said fast charging technology for devices powered by MediaTek processors that enables a 75 percent battery capacity charge in approximately 30 minutes.

    MediaTek Pump Express Plus was designed to maximize charging efficiency by allowing for a maximum output current of 12V through a standard USB adapter, and transmission power up to 15 watts or above. Through this cooperation with UL, chip providers, power suppliers, and mobile devices makers using Pump Express Plus must go through UL’s premier testing program to demonstrate they are in compliance with the latest global safety charging requirements.

    The quick charging technology doesn’t need any special cables to work the current existing USB cables are compatible but just need the Pump Express enabled Charger. More info below.


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