Kodak Instamatic smartphone becoming a Reality


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    Kodak Instamatic smartphone becoming a Reality

    Remember Kodak’s action camera? Well they have another design concept that’s about to become a reality meet the Kodak Instamatic back in 2013 this was announced but this upcoming 2015 it might finally release. A retro type sleek Phone + Camera smartphone, that has a 14-megapixel with 4x Optical zoom 24–140mm Lens and has a built-in Android OS.

    The main feature of the device is the Twist Zoom lens that lets you choose from camera or phone.

    The build and design is a classic Kodak look, as a smartphone it will offer a phone feature having a 3.5mm jack , earpiece, microphone , SD card slot and USB Port.

    if you are interested to have one preo-order is available on their site. not only the will release a 2014 version but also has other 2 variants called Instamatic 14w and Instamatic 15 Ultra the main difference is the Instamatic 14 will have PixPro 24–140mm f/3.9–5.9 lens while the Instamatic 15 Ultra PixPro 24–260mm lens mount, f/2.4–5.3 and a higher specs which you can find here..

    The first Kodak smartphone will be launched in January 2015 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Additional products, including a 4G smartphone, a tablet, and a connected camera, will be unveiled later in 2015.


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