Google Announces “Google Helpout” Live Video Tutorials!


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    Google Announces “Google Helpout” Live Video Tutorials!

    Ever wanted to helpout people via video in realtime? well now that is possible with Google Helpout a new platform that let’s people seek help in learning or fixing things, with Helpout People can help you in realtime. you can either pay them for you to have their service and they can help you out on a schedule.

    Actually this is what I want to share on pinoyscreencast I am really glad Google finally created this platform for people to collaborate and help each other. I am just waiting for my invitation code so I can finally start my own helpout so I can help my subscribers and followers when they need help 🙂

    and I hope soon industries like mobile companies and the likes will use this on their services like for some troubleshooting on their products this can really build trust and confidence to the consumer when availing their product

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