Gmail 5.0 APK — The only email app you need


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    Gmail 5.0 APK — The only email app you need

    Google rolled out the latest build of gmail version 5.0 the material design is flatter but one notable feature, you can now import all your email addresses from Yahoo, AOL, outlook, mail and anything that uses POP or IMAP servers which now makes gmail an all in one email app, plus you can use emails from the Google apps.

    Now I will no longer use other email clients just to access my other email address 🙂

    You will also see that the compose message is now in the bottom of the screen which has a red accent color.

    The overall interface is rounded now which is before more on square icon, unread messages are highlighted in bold so you will see the difference.

    In case you haven’t received the update yet simply download the APK here

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