Facebook Graph Search a new way of searching


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    Facebook Graph Search a new way of searching

    facebook announced their new search feature the “Graph Search” its a new way of searching within the facebook platform, this search feature is not the usual search thing that you are used to do via keywords, its more of a question type or I can say the native english way for example “ which of my friends like bruno mars” or “what photo’s I like” the results will be really personal and more engaging because you know the content will be from a reliable friends on your network.

    it will create more conversation because you will find more relevant content and not just from any random search that usually are just spams and old sites that have been published so 10 years ago. what is good about this because it is in real time it means the search results are continuously updating and you will keep your self upto date.

    to know more about the Graph Search you can visit and also be part of the waiting list 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

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