CyanogenMod Installer Now Available on Google Play Store


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    CyanogenMod Installer Now Available on Google Play Store

    A couple of months ago we posted an update regarding the CyanogenMod One Click Installer but now the Initial Release of the CyanogenMod Installer is now Available on Google Play Store which make it easier for people who wants try out the Custom ROM CyanogenMod.

    But unfortunately you still need to check if your SmartPhone is Compatible with this installer or else you just have to wait for it to be available on your device, like on my end I typically have Mediatek Smart Phones, but as of the moment CyanogenMod team is still working on it to make it fully compatible with the installer, well we just have to wait for more updates if you want to experience it on a Mediatek Devices.

    But you can check out if your current device is compatible here. and if you want to try out the installer just simply download the App on the Google Play Store and the Windows Installer , take note it is not yet available for MAC users.


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