Creating a Windows 8 Bootable USB flash drive


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    Creating a Windows 8 Bootable USB flash drive

    Here is a Tool provided by Microsoft itself to create a USB Bootable flash drive , for installing different Operating system like, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and other more.

    this is very useful for netbooks who doesn’t have CD/DVD rom, which usually they only have USB ports to install different applications.

    You can download the Tool here and just install it, and it will look like this,

    Choose the ISO file that you have downloaded

    the first step is to download an ISO file of your Operating System of choice, for this example I have downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview version, once you have finished downloading the iso file you need to put it on the source file by clicking the browse button and look for the file that you have just downloaded and click next

    Choose USB or DVD

    next is choose the device you want the iso files to be copied as bootable drive, for this example will be creating a USB bootable drive so click the USB Device

    Choose the drive you want to install the bootable Windows

    and then insert your flash drive it must be more than 2gb so you can store the file , if the usb is not yet on the list just click the refresh button and select the USB drive that you have inserted and click begin copying

    it will now format your usb drive and copy the necessary files

    take note that if your flashdrive has files on it, the tool will format the usb so it can continue the process of copying the necessary files.

    and after that once the conversion is done you can now unplug your USB and try it on your netbook or any device that you want to install your latest Copy of Windows.

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