Beme the most honest video sharing app by Casey Neistat


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    Beme the most honest video sharing app by Casey Neistat

    Today finally Casey Neistat revealed his most ambitious app in the World. Who is Casey Neistat by the way? Remember the guy who used the $25,000 to help the Yolanda victims last year? yup! he’s that guy. Fast forward in the last 3 months he decided to start doing a daily vlog and from that day and until now I am totally hooked up with his daily vlogs I never missed a single vlog episode.

    And its safe to say today that I think he is the top 1 vlogger on YouTube with averaging a 300,000 views daily! The reason behind why he is doing that is to share what he is upto and that is to promote or I can say naturally engage his viewers with his newly launched app Beme. Casey Neistat doesn’t monetize his YouTube videos which makes it more engaging since you don’t see any single ads popping on his videos.

    Casey is know for his RAW style video filming, and that is similar with his app. Here’s how the Beme app works watch the video down below let Casey Explain it to you

    Beme is founded and developed by Matt Hackett and Casey Neistat.

    Beme is now available for iOS users worldwide but as of now you won’t be able to fully utilize the app since it’s via Invite code system, if you know a beta testers or friends who already are using the app that’s the only way for now to access the app. and of course Casey will provide one soon on his vlog which he announced here.

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