Android Kitkat 4.4 Features and Official Website


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    Android Kitkat 4.4 Features and Official Website

    After the Availability of the Google Nexus 5 they also rolled out the Kitkat 4.4 Official Website and base from the website here are some of the new features that they have added.

    ok google
    before in order for you to access the Google now or Google search you need to tab the screen or look for the Google Now Button but now with a Simple voice command saying “OK GOOGLE” you can now send a text, get directions or even play a song.

    A better Music Experience
    Lockscreen is really boring if you don’t see any graphical content in Kitkat 4.4 they Updated the Lockscreen to show fullscreen image of the album that you are playing or even movie art when your device is locked. they also added controls like play and pause.

    No distraction
    Reading eBooks and pdf are really one of the things you want to do on a large screen so on the Kitkat 4.4 they implemented a full-screen reading of your favorite e-book and even while watching movies it hides everything except what you really want to see.

    faster multitasking
    they optimize more the multi tasking performance of the kitkat 4.4 from browsing,gaming or watching your favorite movies and videos.

    Contact Priority
    Kitkat 4.4 now shows the most recent or the usual person that you talk the most and even nearby places via voice search.

    Smarter Caller ID
    if an anonymous user just called you and it has a business listed on Google maps it will automatically show on your screen while they are calling.

    Hangout for messages and chat
    Google Hangout now is a unified SMS and Chat app all your messages will go directly with your Hangout app and you can easily see it.

    Emoji all the way
    Well for some users who love sending EMOJI a new colorful characters a now available in the Google keyboard.

    Cloud Printing
    Controlling your printer is now much easier in the kitkat 4.4 where now it is fully integrated on your phone.

    Any File access
    cloud storage is now more unified and easy to access with just a simple click of a button you can get your files from the Google Drive and sync it with your phone and access it anytime, anywhere

    Quick Office
    Quick office is now fully integrated with kitkat 4.4

    Some other more features

    • Bluetooth MAP support
    • Chromecast support
    • Closed captioning
    • Device management built-in
    • Downloads app redesign
    • Easy home screen switching
    • Email app refresh
    • Full-screen wallpapers with preview
    • HDR+ photography
    • Infrared blasting
    • Location in Quick Settings
    • Location modes and monitoring
    • Low-power audio playback
    • Music and movie-seeking from lock screen
    • Secure app sandboxes
    • Step counting built-in
    • Tap to pay, built a new way
    • Touchscreen improvements

    *Currently only available on Nexus 5

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