Tutorial on How to remove a background in photoshop


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    Tutorial on How to remove a background in photoshop

    In this video tutorial you will learn how to easily remove a background in photoshop using an advance technique
    First Open the file or Image you want to manipulate
    select the background layer and Duplicate the it by pressing [CTRL + J]

    Click the Channel tab and choose the Color channel that has a darkest tone, so in this Photo I choose the GREEN channel

    Duplicate the Color channel that you have chosen and select it
    while color layer is selected go to Image > Adjustment > Levels and adjust the Level to make the image look dark or black

    be careful on adjusting the levels, the image must not be over adjust to look like darker that the color white will not be seen remember that our goal is to separate the whites from the blacks

    once your OK with your adjustment press OK, the image is still not look like a silhouette so to achieve that we will be using the BRUSH TOOL by pressing [B] on your keyboard or selecting it on your tools palette, select the color black and adjust the size and hardness of the brush with your desired need, and brush it along the white parts of the image — inner body not the outer most part of the image

    After that Grab the Dodge Tool and Select the Highlights, and make the outer most part of the image white that it will look like now a silhouette

    Click the color layer that you have duplicated and while holding the [CTRL] button click the thumbnail of the layer and it will select the black colors, next is click the MARQUEE TOOL on your tools and right click on the image and click the select inverse so that the selection will be inverted

    while the image is selected click now the RBG color layer and delete the selected color layer that you have duplicated

    and back to the layers tab select the layer that you have duplicated and press [CTRL + J] again to duplicate it but now it has a transparent background

    Thanks to ms.kring elenzano for this project and more happiness for them at my mykoreanboyfriend all images are copyrighted from their site 🙂 you can look for more stunning photoshoot of them at mykoreanboyfriend . and also follow them at twitter for more updates of the sassygirl of the philippines 🙂

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