How to transfer funds from EON Unionbank to Other Banks Online


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    How to transfer funds from EON Unionbank to Other Banks Online

    In this tutorial I will show you how to transfer your Unionbank funds to other Bank accounts , it can be for your online transaction or other bank accounts. The benefit of this is you lessen the hassle of going to the bank (over the counter) or even by going to ATM just to transfer funds this is convenient for a hassle free transaction in case you’re paying for a product or just want to simply transfer funds to other accounts.

    Note: Be sure your already have an EON Account for Unionbank of the Philippines if not just visit your nearest Unionbank in your place. it will take 2–3 weeks to process your ATM Card but once you have your account number you can register your account online. I will not cover on how to register your own account in this tutorial.

    TIP: Be sure to list/remember all your username , password and Transaction password because you will need it later on.

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    Step 1:

    Visit the Unionbank of the Philippines official Website and hover to the account login navigation, choose and click the “EON CYBER ACCOUNT”.

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    Step 2:

    Login your “Card Number / User ID” and “PIN” and click submit. (if it’s your first time to use the ebanking click “ENROLL HERE” to be able to access your accounts online ) Be sure to login correctly or you may be temporarily banned to access in case you input incorrectly input your wrong password 3 consecutive times.

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    Step 3:

    Now on the Account Homepage, you can either click the “Transfer” on the navigation bar or the one the left side either or will land on the next same page.

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    Step 4:

    On this page it will ask you to choose if you’re going to transfer funds “To Another UnionBank Account” or “To Local Bank”. In our case we will choose the “To Local Bank”.

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    Step 5:

    In this page the “Local Bank Transfer” you need to fill up all the mandatory items, if you have multiple account on a single user you need to choose the right account on the “Select FROM Account” and then fill up the Beneficiary Details. on the “Beneficiary Bank” choose the right bank you want to transfer your funds,

    Here are the banks you can choose with:

    • ABN AMRO
    • Allied Bank
    • ANZ Bank
    • Asia United Bank
    • Banco de Oro
    • Banco Santander Phil.Inc
    • Bangko Sentral
    • Bangkok Bank
    • Bank of America
    • Bank Of China (Manila)
    • Bank of Commerce
    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
    • Bank of Tokyo
    • Chase Manhattan Bank
    • China Bank
    • Chinatrust Commercial Bank
    • Citibank, N.A.
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Development Bank of the Phils.
    • East-West Bank
    • Equitable-PCI Bank
    • Export and Industry Bank
    • First E-Bank Corporation
    • Fuji Bank
    • Global Bank
    • Hongkong Bank
    • Intl Comml Bank of China
    • Intle Nederlanden Bank
    • Korea Exchange Bank
    • Land Bank
    • Maybank Philippines, Inc.
    • MetroBank
    • Phil. Bank of Communication
    • Philippine National Bank
    • PhilTrust Bank
    • Prudential Bank
    • RCBC
    • Security Bank
    • Standard Chartered Bank
    • UCPB
    • United Overseas Bank Phils.
    • Veterans Bank

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    Step 6:

    fill up the other mandatory items “Beneficiary Account Number” ,”Beneficiary Name” , “Beneficiary Address” and “Amount”. other stuffs are optional but do recommend to fill it up also for a better future references.

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    Step 7:

    Next is you need to choose either “Make Transfer Now “ or “Schedule Transfer on Date” and last is choose the “Account To Be Charged” and then press submit.

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    Step 8:

    Now this is the last step so be sure you have remembered your transaction password because you will need to input it on this page once you’ve applied it just hit submit and it will show a pop-up window that you have successfully transfer the funds. you can now either print the receipt or view result.

    And there you go that’s how simple it is to transfer funds from your Unionbank EON account to any 3rd party banks available in the Philippines , but please do take note that for every transaction it will have a 10 peso fee deduction on your account for the processing online and it will reflect on the account after 3 banking days so be sure to do this on weekdays.

    If you have questions or additional info’s feel free to post it down below.

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